Kiln designed for laboratory tests of materials and glazes up to 1220°C

The various exclusive design solutions allow to reproduce in the laboratory tests the same conditions of operation of standard production kiln:

  • the equipment with gas burners and insulation with bricks creates within the chamber of the kiln the same atmosphere which is located in a common production kiln with burners.
  • the subdivision of the areas of the kiln: preheating, firing, cooling and rapid final cooling are the same as a common production roller kiln.
  • the self-regulated areas, one in preheating zone, two in firing zone and one in rapid cooling zone allow to reproduce the firing curves accurately.
  • the solutions adopted for the chimney flue and the aspiration of the hot air in the cooling zone allow to have these aspirations adjustable according to the firing curve
  • the roller pitch of 48,84mm allows to fire small sizes
  • power and control board are separated, with SMARTLAB supervising system
  • LAB42 according to UNI EN 746-1 and UNI EN 746-2 and the GOST regulations



Max. tile size 400×400 mm

Min. tile size 100×100 mm

Reference cycle 60 ‘- Productivity 1,6 m2 / hour

Total length 4200 mm

Useful loading 400 mm

Useful loading height 50 mm

Roller pitch 48,84 mm

Firing Adjustable from 30′ to 150’ by inverter

Max. operating temperature 1220 ° C

Fuel Natural gas CH4 (optional LPG)

Installed burners 6

Self-regulated firing zone 3

Self-regulated cooling zone 1

Installed fans 3


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